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By Callas 

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  • Great Performance - Callas Lash Lift kit is made with premium quality ingredients. The lash kit will provide long-lasting results. Your lashes will remain curled for 8 weeks.
  • Safe Perm Solution - Most of the Lash Lift on the market contain Thioglycolic Acid as a perming solution. It is widely used in products such as depilatory creams and by hairdressers for perms. But Thioglycolic acid can cause severe burns and chemical injuries when it is in contact with the skin, eye, digestive or respiratory tracts. It is corrosive and can even induce systemic toxicity. Callas Perm Solution is formulated with more than 30 different ingredients but without Thioglycolic acid.
  • Contains Callas Eyelash Adhesive - The kit contains Callas Original Eyelash Adhesive 5ml. It is known to be the best non-Latex and odor-free eyelash glue for professional makeup artists on the market. It is very safe for sensitive skin. It has widely been used to create double eyelids and as adhesive for eyelash, pearl powder makeup, etc.
  • Content - 1 Callas OriginalEyelash Adhesive 5ml + 1 Perm 5ml + 1 Fixation 5ml + 1 Nutrition 5ml + 1 Cleanser 5ml 1 Clean Tool (3 Pieces Y-shape Perming Brushes) + 1 Lift pads (5 Pairs Silicone Lift pads) (S,M,M1,M2,L)

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